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"If mother Prague, the pearl of the Western Slavic world, is to be lost in a German sea, what awaits my dear homeland, Slovakia, which looks to Prague for spiritual nourishment? Burdened by that thought, I remembered the old Polish song Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła, kiedy my żyjemy (“Poland has not yet perished as long as we live.”). That familiar melody caused my heart to erupt with a defiant Hej, Slováci, ešte naša slovenská reč žije (“Hey, Slovaks, our Slovak language still lives”)… I ran to my room, lit a candle and wrote down three verses into my diary in pencil. The song was finished in a moment."

Diary of Samuel Tomášik, Sunday, 2 November 1834 upon writing the Yugoslavian national anthem 

How absolutely beautiful.

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A night in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina Source
Visoki Decani, KosovoSource
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